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Wireless Gaming Headset for gamers Carrier
Stock 40 set
Model Carrier
Market Price $ 189.99 - 189.99
Present price $ 189.99 - 189.99
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  • Stylish sleek design
  • Comfortable earcups with lighting
  • 40ms low latency
  • Multiplatform compatibility
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Goods description

Designed with the best durable materials and crafted by experienced engineers, this Carrier Gaming headset perfectly matches the enthusiasm of any gamer. In addition, this supreme device is audio tested by the quality assurance team from time to time to get only the best.


Product features and specifications:

1. Available in standard primary colors of black and pink-white.

2. Supported by 5.0 Bluetooth version.

3. Extremely lightweight with just 253g

4. Long-lasting battery of 1000 mAh to give you that seamless gaming experience

5. Present with a Microphone that is easily concealable for that stylish appearance.

6. As its name suggests, it is compatible with numerous platforms such as PS4/PS5, Xbox One & Series X & Series S, N Nintendo switch & lite, V.R. devices, P.C., laptops, and mobile phones.


Best Bass and Sound Quality

Unique design with gear-shaped volume adjustment buttons and decorations. Hollow wed out silicon and rectangular concealable microphone for the best appearance.

  • Comfortable wireless headsets

     Headsets deliver comfort for long hours of gaming with movable earcups and soft earmuffs.

  • Low Latency ensures the best gaming experience

    Carrier headsets deliver excellent audio quality with low latency of 40ms which is excellent for the gaming experience.

Pair with any device as this headset is highly compatible

Compatible with most devices, one can use Bluetooth, a dongle and adapter, and a 3.5mm AUX cable for easy use.

Goods attribute
  • Model Name Carrier
  • Color Black/Pink
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Item Weight 253g
  • Batteries 1000mAh
  • Microphone Concealable
  • Compatibility PS4/PS5, Xbox One & Series X & Series S, Nintendo Switch & Lite, VR, Mobile Devices, PC, Laptop
  • Brand Sades
User ratings
  • A******s
    Great mic quality. Music sounds good too. Weird material on ear cups takes getting used to. A little pricey for a no name brand. Overall very good product.
    12/02/2022 12:27:24
  • J******r
    I purchased these because I needed something for my computer that would let me play games but I didn't have a lot of extra money. These have three things going for them: 1. They are the best price for the quality, they deliver clear sound and the microphone is excellent. 2. They are so comfortable, no pulling hair, no hurting ears after a few hours, and no sweating head (yes, they do not get hot!) 3. Cloth wrapped USB cord is amazing at not getting kinked, tangled or pinched. I don't have to worry if it breaks and I love the product. Overall, it is an excellent set of headphones for a ridiculously good price.
    11/28/2022 05:43:23
  • L******d
    I really like the button on the headset which allows me to turn my mic on and off as I need to. I like how the mic lights up when it's on too. I mostly use these headphones to play Fortnite and Roblox on my PC. I can hear everything clearly and they block out all other room noises which allows me to really focus and concentrate on my game. They're wicked comfortable to wear!
    12/03/2022 06:56:15
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