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Wireless Gaming Headset With Retractable Microphone Whisper
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Stock 40 set
Model Whisper
Market Price $ 49.99 - 49.99
Present price $ 49.99 - 49.99
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  • 32 hours max play
  • Foldable earcups
  • Retractable microphone
  • 2 hours charging time
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Goods description
  • Replace your old headset with our new, improved wireless gaming headset with a retractable microphone whisper. We bring to life the gaming world with more durability and better quality sound. Prepare to be immersed in online games with our headgear. This headset is ideal for everyone's needs, beginners to experts.

  • Product features and specifications:

    1. Style headset with various colors, ranging from a fierce black and blue to a soft pink and white.

    2. A lightweight device of just 239g gives you ease in gaming for long hours.

    3. Presence of an in-built long-lasting battery of 450 mAh so that you would need no charge breaks between those long gaming sessions.

    4. The Whisper device is compatible with mobile phones, T.V. with Bluetooth, laptops, iPad, and even audio devices.


Stunning headset music quality

Delivers the best quality music as it has in-built 40 mm speakers.

Great retractable microphone

An insane retractable microphone that can pick up and deliver your voice clearly.

Unparallel comfort levels with this headset

With our soft earmuffs and adjustable features, which relieve head strain, you can make your gaming experience more comfortable.

  • Best battery for any wireless headset

    Stable battery life of 32 hours and quick charging with a Type C port.


    Carry your headset anywhere and everywhere

    Carry it around freely and easily.

Goods attribute
  • Color Black&Blue, Pink&White
  • Bluetooth Version 5.3
  • Item Weight 239g
  • Batteries 450mAh
  • Microphone Retractable
  • Compatibility Mobile Phone, TV With Bluetooth, Mobile Devices (Laptop, MAC, IPAD, ect), 3.5mm Audio Devices
  • Brand Sades
  • Model Name Whisper
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