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Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones B131
Stock 200 set
Model B131
Market Price $ 239.00 - 239.00
Present price $ 239.00 - 239.00
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  • Active noise cancelling headphones
  • Environmental noise cancelling microphone
  • Transparency mode available
  • Protein-lether made earmuffs
  • 60hours Max play (ANC on)
Look at the big picture
Goods description

People used to wear headphones solely for entertainment in the past. No longer. Headphones are now a go-to accessory for the entire day. Noise-canceling headphones are primarily utilized for both work and play. B131 has all the features you can dream of in a noise-cancellation phone.


Product Specifications and Features:

1. It Comes in the shade of black and rose gold.

2. Supports Bluetooth of 5.0 

3. Extremely light weight of about 280gms

4. Long-lasting batteries of 1000 mAh





Cut ties with the world with B131 headphones 

You need to turn on the Active Noise Cancellation mode and, with a single click, eliminate all distractions from the world. Then, sit back and relax with Suspoo's B131.




Safety transparency mode 

You can quickly move from ANC to Transparency Mode with just a single click and connect with the outside world. 


The battery that never dies 

 It takes only two hours for the batteries in Suspoo's B131 to charge fully. So play seamless music for 80 long hours and stay on calls for 60 hours; B131 has your back. 


Goods attribute
  • Color Black/Rose gold
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Item Weight 280
  • Batteries 1000mAh
  • Brand Supsoo
  • Model Name B131
User ratings
  • K******n
    I am blown away by these headphones' amazing noise-canceling capabilities and comfort. The three ANC settings (ANC on, Transparent, & ANC off) are what I have been looking for in a set of headphones. I like to have full or close to full noise canceling at some points, but at others, I feel like I still need to hear the conversation or activity that is going on around me. In a normal set of headphones, I would have to remove one ear, but in these, I can put on Transparent mode and hear my music while still being almost fully aware of the happenings around me. I am very happy with how easy it is to store these headphones. They are easy to fold or hang on the edge of a chair for easy use. It took me a little bit of time to get used to which button I needed to press to pause, play, change volume, and change settings all without removing the headphones to look. But after a little while of using it, it seemed like the buttons were in an easy location and became second nature to find and press. I am also impressed by the comfort of the cushion on the ears and band over the head. Normally I cannot wear headphones like this for long as my head starts to hurt from the constant pressure. But the cushion on the earpieces and band over the head lengthened the time that I could wear the headphones by a long shot. One thing that I am worried about is being able to do any non-vertical movements or positions with these headphones. I would mostly be using them for music and audiobooks, but if I were to use them for any workouts or relaxing that is not vertical then the headphones might start slipping off a bit. I do have a smaller head, so this might not be a problem for everyone, but I did notice it slipping if I was not mostly vertical while sitting or standing. Overall, these headphones are a wonderful choice, they charge quickly, hold charge well, and produce great sound quality with many added benefits and comfort.
    10/12/2022 18:53:39
  • c******.
    Upon opening these headphones I could see that they are made and packaged very well. The hard leather case that houses them has a great feel to it, and will protect the headset during travel, etc. I tested by putting some pressure on top of it and it did not buckle under a decent amount of my body weight. after removing the headphones I did realize that there were no instructions included with these, but through a little trial and error I figured out the functions well enough. Looking at the bottom of the ear cuffs I found a welcomed usb-c charging port, a 3.5mm jack, and the respective controls. After the previously mentioned trial and error, I managed to get these paired with relative ease to my iPhone and start listening to some music. The drivers are quality and sound much better than any headset I've purchased.(I compared directly to a $150 Razer gaming headset) Highs and bass are clear and punchy without being uncomfortable. I even noticed a few subtle parts of some songs that I'd never heard previously. I've had these for four or five days and used them for several hours and not had to charge (other than the initial) yet, but I will post an edit once I get a better feel for battery life. The ANC function was tricky to me as someone who hasn't used the function in a headset before but after a few presses of the button the functions were easily distinguishable. There is the ANC mode and a transparent mode which function as opposites as you'd expect. The noise cancellation works well(I couldn't hear my wife on the other end of the living room addressing me) and the transparency mode allows you to hear your surroundings pretty well. All-in-all I'd say these stack up well next to any wireless headset that I've owned and would recommend, I only give it a 4 star for the lack of instructions and size of the ear cuffs. Even though they are a little smaller than I'd like I don't have any uncomfortableness or pain after use for a few hours, I just prefer my whole ear be inside the cuff.
    10/08/2022 18:04:13
  • O******l
    So for context I have been a happy Bose ANC Headphone user for several years already, and I am very aware that for a while there was no real legit challengers to the Bose ANC reign... but I guess this has now changed... I am very happy to report that this ANC Headphone set from Supsoo is a very capable headphone that can actually take its place as a legit ANC headphone challenger! In short the Supsoo Active Noise Cancellation is very effective, and in a side-by-side comparison test it does seem to actually do a better job of noise cancellation than my old pair of QC 35 ii. I am suitably impressed. This Supsoo headphone seems to do better at attenuating both constant low-level background noise (think buzzing fridge or rumbling airplane noise), but also faster transient sounds like people speaking, dogs barking etc. I don’t know how they have managed to achieve such an effective ANC effect, but I am sure a lot of people are going to be happy with the result. With this ANC headset you can really put unwanted noise and distractions out of your mind and focus on the music. The music itself sounds pretty good too. The frequency spectrum seems well balanced, with really good power in the bass tones without it feeling loose, or overpowering to the rest of the frequency spectrum. The midrange and top-end are also well balanced and rich, and offer plenty of detail. The vocals feel like they sit back a tiny bit in the mix, but in my opinion this is normal amongst all bluetooth speakers/headphones. The volume goes up nice and loud, and the bluetooth connected first time to my phone without any fuss. The package includes USB-C charging cable and gold-plated 3.5mm headphone cable (for cabled connection), and a nice carrying case that should help to protect these headphones for the future. This is an essential accessory to ensure your ANC headphones don't get damaged in transit, so it's nice to see they included this in the box. The fit is snug for my head, and feels comfortable to wear so far. The fabric on the earpad is very soft and seals well to my ears, and this makes a huge difference to the efficacy of any ANC headphones in my experience. The colour-scheme is not my favorite, but I am a fan of all black everything haha. Possibly the thing that impressed me most about this ANC headphone is the build quality. These things feel solid and really well-made. The buttons feel nice and give decent click feedback. Only time will tell if they stand up to the rigors of work and travel etc, but I have a good feeling that they will. In my experience the first element to fail is likely to be the earpad fabric so hopefully Supsoo will make replacement parts available for the earpads in the future. In conclusion I am very happy with this purchase, and I can gladly say I found my new "daily driver" set of ANC headphones right here.
    10/08/2022 01:08:37
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