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Multiplatform Amplified Wired Gaming Headset Mpower
Stock 37 set
Model Mpower
Market Price $ 39.99 - 39.99
Present price $ 39.99 - 40.00
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  • Retractable microphone
  • Comfortable and earmuffs
  • Angle wings earcups
  • 2m long Y cable
  • Various compatibale platforms
Look at the big picture
Goods description
  • Do you like to multitask? MpowerThen, mpower is the perfect headset. Easy to use, built with durable products, and stylist build are some of the pros of this audio device. The sound delivered with this is powerful, and that's why this can be tagged as one of the best gaming headsets. 


    Product Specifications and Features:


    1. Available in the colors pink and white and black and blue

    2. The item is lightweight for a headset as it weighs around 20g only. 

    3. It can be easily used with a simple Y cable. 

    4. The microphone is retractable.

    5. it is compatible with numerous platforms such as PS4/PS5, Xbox One & Series X & Series S, N Nintendo switch & lite, VR devices, PC, laptops, and mobile phones.





    Mpower provides excellent audio quality

    With 50mm speakers, the experience with Mpower is surreal. 

Headset with trendy and compatible design  

Mpower brings an L-shaped jack to the end of the cable that helps you adjust the device while lying down.

  • Mpower fits the multi-platform 

    It fits all, starting from PS4/PS5, Xbox One & Series X & Series S, N Nintendo switch & lite, VR devices, PC, laptops, and mobile phones.

  • Modern-designed headphones  

    Mpower comes with earcups, iron mesh, and a stainless steel slider that gives it a stylish look. 

Goods attribute
  • Compatibility PS4/ PS5, Xbox One & Series X & Series S, Nintendo Switch & Lite, VR, Mobile Devices, PC/ Laptop
  • Color Black
  • Item Weight 20g
  • Connection Y-cable
  • Microphone Retractable
User ratings
  • K******C
    I bought these headpset in May 2021, and came back to finally write a review! I really love these headphones for the price, and they’re so comfortable I could never take them off. At first, I was worried because I have a big head and I was concerned about comfort and how it would fit. Alas, it was never a problem for comfort and maximum usage! The only problem I had was: the mic. For some reason, the mic kept picking up noise from in-game or stuff I was watching and people could hear it on discord. After getting a separate mic— and just using the headphones as is— all gucci.
    10/06/2022 10:05:48
  • A******d
    I use these daily for almost 2 months and these are the best over the computer headset I've had especially for the price range. The noise cancelation while wearing them isn't very good but I don't find it bothering me much. The sound quality is pretty clear which was a concern of mine although the mic isn't the most receptive for me there very cute and adjustable. They're comfortable to wear for a few hours at a time depending and overall im very happy with my purchase.
    10/05/2022 08:04:04
  • R******l
    Im going to be honest in this review. When i first tried the headphones on it felt loose. However i was able to adjust to it and it feels very comfortable. Its a big upgrade from my old headset that was tight and hurt my ears. The sound quality is great, especially on games. It comes with a Y cable for pc's which not only splits the mic and speaker so you can use it with ease. but it also about 3ft long which is great if your pc does not rest on your desk. I added some cat ears to make it look cuter.For the microphone quality, my friends often report being able to hear my desktop audio over discord. Not a problem if youre not speaking as an audio is loudly playing so it doesn't bother me or them. The mic quality is also nice. My headset had problems with the L and R balance, but thats an easy fix in your pc settings if you notice the sound is coming out from one side of the headset more. It fits the aesthetic of my setup which is pink and white.Overall, this is a great quality headset. If you can get past the minor flaws, its also a decently price headset.
    10/09/2022 15:13:33
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